Durdach Quality Miniature Dachshunds
Left to Right:CH Durdach Own Image MS,CH Colliedox New Image,
and CH Durdach K.C. Bug-A-Boo MS.

Quality Miniature Dachshunds
Selectively Bred for Temperament and Type

 Durdach is the Home of Utah's First Five 
Miniature Smooth Champion Dachshunds 

Champion Dachshund CH Durdach K.C. Bug-A-Boo MS  "K.C."
Finished with four Majors from the Puppy Class
Champion Dachshund CH Colliedox New Image  "Tyler"
At the young age of 10 Cristy finished Tyler
Back to back majors were won in California from some very tough classes.
Tyler and Cristy were also a Winning Jr. Showmanship Team. 
Champion Dachshund CH Durdach Own Image MS "Tyson"
Group Winning and Placement as well as a Specialty winner. 
Tyson and Cristy were also a Winning Jr. Showmanship Team. 
Champion Dachshund CH Durdach Rise N Shine MS "Sonny"
Champion Producing - Specialty Winner 
Champion Dachshund CH Pawprints V Durdach Express MS "Expo"
Champion Producer
Champion Dachshund CH Durdach Country Connection MS "Chase"
Specialty Winner
Champion Dachshund CH Durdach Sheldu V Tinytail MS "Sheldu"
Specialty Winner

  • All Pet Puppies are sold on an AKC Limited Registrations to be spayed or neutered
  • Puppies, juniors and older companions occasionally available - Shipping Available
  • Stud Service to approved Bitches - Picked up at Salt Lake International Airport


Durdach Quality Miniature Dachshunds 
Back Porch Forum

I  Welcome information from individuals who wish to share their knowledge on caring for their Canine Friends (The following have been used with success, however they are not guaranteed or implied to be successful in every situation)

Basic Care

Mild diarrhea (nothing in nothing out theory except water) for 24 hours. Gradually return to normal feeding.

Neonatal Care

I have found goat's milk to be an excellent supplement for puppies that need a little extra care or orphan puppies. Pedialite is great to dilute the goats' milk or can be fed in the concentrated form. I have never experienced it giving puppies diarrhea. 

A premie (nuk) type nipple works great for puppies needing to be supplemented. 

To improve glucose levels flat 7-Up warmed works wonders From Sharon

Puppies who are crying and appear to be bloated can be given lactobacillus granules (from the pharmacy) direction on pkg. Works great!!

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